Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2017

Katie and Maggie begged for a Gingerbread House kit. So we picked one out and they had a great time putting it together. It even stuck around for a while, though candies did slowly start to go missing. Yuck. But it's a fun project to do. 

 This photo is of the girls and I after church one day. I just love these two!

About a week before Christmas, I see this pattern and decide that THIS MUST HAPPEN FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Now I am not sure why I wait to do my Christmas crafting for so late, but I do. Lucky for me this was a very quick knit and I actually finished both of them two days before Christmas. I took this picture while I was wrapping gifts. They really turned out cute I think!

Christmas morning was a blur of excitement, of course! The girls seemed thrilled with the things they got. On a whim, Santa brought them each a Nerf gun with extra ammo. They have really had a blast with these (pun intended).

 They each got one of these pillows that has sequins sewn in just a way that you can change to color just by rubbing your hand over it. Well they found out these pillows make great targets for the Nerf guns. So they set them up and fire away! When the Nerf bullet hits the sequins they change their color.

We have had a wonderful holiday and wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year.
2017- How did that happen?!

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